Family Law & Adoptions

  • Our mission is to provide children with loving homes.

    Adopted children have become some of the most notable personalities to ever walk the planet. John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, and of course Superman himself, were all adopted.

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Family Law & Adoptions


Adopting within the U.S.

Independent, step parent, second parent, and other types of adoptions.


Adopting Outside of the U.S.

Zurica Law can assist with what is known as "readoption" once you adopt your child overseas

The right partner for every type of family.

At Zurica Law, we understand that all families are in different stages of their lives - that’s why we tailor all of our services to the pertinent needs of your family; no one size fits all solutions here.

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Families we've helped in the last year alone adopt the child of their dreams, with ease.

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